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Latest Developments

  26th May 2004: A brand new version of EasyMPS is now availabe to support Garmin's Mapsource 6.1! Check out EasyMPS version 0.60!
(Check out the Version history for more info)

Cycle and footbridge!
  18th May 2004: Yay! The bridge finally opened today, a mere 5 months late!
Measurements with a GPS show that the bridge takes 0.25 miles off a journey to the Park and Ride (and therefore also into town). Marvellous.

  26th February 2004: I've finally gotten around to updating/adding the Bumps pages from the Lents 2003 and the Mays 2003. Have also added a page for Lents 2004!
  24th February 2004: Yay, the Bumps are round again!

  16th September 2003: There's some tentative content about my PhD under the My PhD section

Cambridge Rowing Lake
  7th September 2003: Well, it looks like after a lot of faffing, the Cambridge Rowing Lake is finally going to go ahead.
An archaeological dig starts this week, and will last probably around 6 months to a year before the main building work starts.
For those interested in where the lake's actually going to go and how big it will be, I've superimposed the lake as mapped by the Rowing Trust on an Ordnance Survey map:
Rowing Lake - click to enlarge
Click picture to enlarge. Main map copyright Ordnance Survey, overlay copyright Cambridge Rowing Trust.

Ian Cowley, November 2003

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