TMBG and Me

"They Might Be Giants" are a little-known (in Britain at least) alternative group producing music which might possibly be considered 'odd' by many people.
I, However, like TMBG's music and these pages are my tribute to it, and the men behind it.
I first heard of TMBG through Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld, in the book entitled "Soul Music". In said book was a Band With Rocks In called "We're Certainly Dwarves". At the time I tried to work out the link to real life, but couldn't. I later discovered that the name was a reference to a band that I had never heard of: They Might Be Giants.
I temporarily forgot about TMBG.
A while later, I heard a really cool song on my local radio station, GWR FM entitled "Birdhouse In Your Soul". I remember thinking, 'Wow, what an amazing song".
I forgot about this also (temporarily).
The next time I heard this song, I was only able to catch the last thirty seconds, and was surprised when I heard "They Might Be Giants" mentioned as the artists. This momentous occasion brought together my love of DiscWorld and "Birdhouse".
I went out and bought TMBG's third album, "Flood" (1990), simply because it had Birdhouse on. I listened to the music of TMBG and was bowled over by it. Then in December '97 I bought TMBG's sixth album, "Factory Showroom" (1996), and thought it was pretty damned good too.
1998 saw a buying spree for TMBG albums, as I bought: "Then:The Earlier Years", a compilation of TMBG's first and second albums (1986, 1988) and "Miscellaneous T" (1991), an album TMBG produced as a random sort of non-album; "Apollo 18" (4th album, 1992); "John Henry" (5th album, 1994) and "Severe Tire Damage" (7th album, 1998).
In May 1999, I bought the "S-E-X-X-Y" and "Why Does The Sun Shine?" singles from CDNOW. I recently bought and downloaded "Long Tall Weekend" (1999) from (then GoodNoise).
They are all wonderful albums, and each and every one deserves a place on your shelf/CD rack/computer!
Go buy some now.!
After all this, I decided to create a TMBG area on my website, as a tribute to a truly great and long-lived group.
They Might Be Giants!!

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